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What's the big idea?


We've all been there -- we see huge releases every day, bands getting off the ground, gaining traction... What's holding our career back? Most recording studios and music producers focus on making great sounds but overlook building an artist up. 


I'm determined to do things differently; I start at the core with songwriting and go past the delivered song into promotion and marketing strategy so every release the ability to succeed in an over-saturated market.



"Above and beyond"

notes from the artists:



Ree boado / Nashville, tn

Working with Dylan has been one of the best experiences I've had with a producer in my several years of recording music. That's saying a lot since we worked long distance across states. Finding a producer that has a great ear, modern sense, good concept of space and composition and is also easy to communicate with is sometimes a real challenge. Dylan is also a talented singer songwriter and instrumentalist himself, so he understands me on a personal level and is a true champion of my artistry. Super smart and personable guy. I'd recommend Dylan to anyone who's ready to take their songs to a higher level of professionalism. He's a true gem and I'm grateful to have found him!


Driskill / Wilmington, NC

We are thrilled about how these songs came out! The attention to detail that went into building our tracks from the ground up is evident -- the energy that we've always felt playing together really came out on these recordings. Reaction from our fanbase has been overwhelmingly positive and we're even getting considered for opportunities in TV/Film which is an entirely new avenue for us!